Don Philino WE

and his progeny

Trussardi D

and his progeny

IMGP9077 (2) Trussi.jpg

Top Der Da

and his progeny

Dynamik-9006 (2) tdd.jpg

Numerus Clausus

and his progeny

IMGP8812 (2) Clausi.jpg

Golden Rock

and his progeny

IMGP8928 (2) Rock.jpg

Golden West NRW

and his progeny

Westi profile black.jpg

2020 Dynamik

photo shoots

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'Think outside the square' theme photo shoot

2012 Open Day

'Audrey Hepburn' theme photo shoot


theme photo shoot

'Alice in Wonderland' theme photo shoot

'Be My Valentine'

theme photo shoot

2014 Open Day

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