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At Dynamik Stallions the staple pellet we can’t live without is HYGAIN BALANCED®.  This pellet gives us confidence that all our ponies are receiving the daily vitamins and mineral they require in a convenient low dose.  This pellet is perfect to feed to ponies that are good doers as it does not create any fizzy behaviour and the ponies look healthy and shiny fed with good quality fibre sources. 


One of the most useful things about feeding HYGAIN BALANCED® is that you can be assured that the daily nutrient requirements are met by making up the shortfalls in a diet.

Feeding our Stallions …. 


Our stallions are fed a combination of HYGAIN BALANCED® and HYGAIN TRUBREED® which is an extruded feed that is designed to meet the complex feeding management of stallions.  The amount of HYGAIN TRUBREED® fed to the stallions per day alters; depending on their workload under saddle and how much breeding work they are doing.  Out  stallions have much higher energy requirements in the breeding season to keep up with the demands of both working under saddle and breeding duties.  They are all in great condition, shiny and the proof of their health is in their high level of fertility.  

Our stallions have two small hard fees per day, combining HYGAIN BALANCED® and HYGAIN TRUBREED® with the fibre fresh product, FIBREPROTECT®.  This is a fermented lucerne forage that is not only low in sugar and starch but is proven to aid in the prevention of ulcers which is perfect for maintaining our stabled horses' gut health.  We also supplement the stallions feeds with HYGAIN TRUGAIN® as it is a slow release and high fat energy source without the fizz and provides many health benefits.

The stallions are also fed meadow hay and lucerne hay that we steam every day to reduce sugar content.  At night the stallions all receive a soaked feed of HYGAIN MICRBEET® which is high in soluble fibres to help maintain a healthy gut.  Gut health is so very important for horses and this feed has so many benefits and is useful for all horses as it is low in starch and sugars.  I is also very convenient to mix supplements in with.  All  of the stallions receive salt in the mornings and electrolytes at night in the form of HYGAIN REGAIN®.

Feeding our mares and foals …… 


Our pregnant mares are maintained on a diet of HYGAIN BALANCED®, lucerne chaff and HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL® for the period of time after their foals are weaned.

Once the mares hit late gestation in the third trimester, HYGAIN TRUBREED® is added to their feeds.  We slowly increase the amount of HYGAIN TRUBREED® combined with the HYGAIN BALANCED® that they receive as they are getting closer to foaling down and we maintain this diet while they are feeding their foal at foot. 


Once the foals start eating some hard feed, they also enjoy the combination of HYGAIN TRUBREED® and HYGAIN BALANCED® with lucerne chaff and HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIAL®

The Broodmares are also fed steamed hay, mainly meadow with some lucerne hay when they have a young foal at foot.  As the foals are weaned, we start to remove the HYGAIN TRUBREED® as HYGAIN BALANCED® provides them with enough nutrients.

Our mares hard feeds are supplemented with HYGAIN RBO® all year round, as well as salt and electrolytes in hot weather.  We believe that feeding high quality feeds to our broodmares is essential to ensuring their good fertility and of course for the health of the foals.

Feeding our growing youngsters after weaning ........


Once the foals are weaned and are being raised in our spelling paddocks, it is especially important to maintain excellent nutrition while they are growing.  Of course, the amount of pasture available throughout the year and the condition of the youngsters must be taken into consideration when feeding. With good pasture available, we maintain our growing youngsters primarily on a mix of HYGAIN BALANCED® and HYGAIN TRUBREED®.  We feed meadow hay all year round according to pasture availability.  


At times where the pasture is low in summer, we add some soaked HYGAIN MICRBEET® to the youngsters daily hard feed. The addition of HYGAIN MICRBEET® adds more beneficial fibre to their diet and is great for hot weather with the high water content of this soaked feed. 

If the young horses and ponies that you are raising are particularly good doers and have a lot of condition on with the pasture and hay, we recommend HYGAIN SPORTHORSE® as a supplement. If a hard feed will add to much condition to these horses and ponies, HYGAIN SPORTHORSE® is a very palatable multivitamin and trace mineral supplement.  This can be feed easily by hand during their daily checks like feeding a treat.

Feeding our young ponies under saddle ........

For our young ponies that have finished the majority of their growing and are working under saddle and are holding good condition, we highly recommend HYGAIN BALANCED®. This is a great feed for ponies that you cannot feed the required amount of hard feed to in order to meet all nutritional levels as this feed is highly concentrated. 

If your pony requires more energy during periods where the workload is higher, then we recommend adding an energy-based feed to the HYGAIN BALANCED®.  There are many options but our preference is to add HYGAIN RBO®.  This natural rice bran oil has many benefits and can add energy without the fizz.

The other option is to add HYGAIN RELEASE®.  We love this feed because it is a non-oat based micronized feed that caters for healthy muscles for hard working horses with bio-available selenium and Vitamin E.

Balancing the diet ........

The best way to be sure that your horse is getting a totally balanced diet that suits their energy requirements is to have their diet assessed by a nutritional expert.  HYGAIN provide a service called Nutrikey.  You simply enter your horses’ diet into the program and Equine Nutrionist will contact you with an analysis and recommendations. 


Hygain is the Australian distributor of FiberProtect®

Premium forage fibre for optimal health and performance – suitable for all horses

  • Fresh cut lucerne with *Xanotyde®

  • Aids in the healing and prevention of ulcers in horses

  • Highly digestible quality protein to build muscle and immunity

  • High in digestible energy, but very low in sugar and starch

  • Improves top-line and condition

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