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Feeding our Stallions …. 


All the Dynamik Stallions are fed a diet of HYGAIN TRUBREED, an extruded feed that is designed to meet the complex feeding management of stallions. They look super on this feed and it of course covers their nutritional requirements as breeding stallions with vitamin E and omegas that are essential for maintaining fertility. 

The stallions also eat Lucerne chaff in their hard feeds morning and night. They are feed oaten hay during the day when they are in the paddock and later at night they are fed lucerne hay and quality meadow hay. In the past my horses in work were feed oaten chaff, of course the quality of oaten chaff varies in different seasons and is high in sugars. I have now made the change to HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIALS which is a revolutionary fibre source for horses. The development of this feed is so beneficial as the super fibres in this feed are highly digestible, the sugar levels are low and the calcium and phosphorous levels are balanced. The stallions are loving this new feed; there is no more dust and the nutritional values are now consistent compared to feeding oaten chaff. 

To meet the extra energy requirements of our stallions, their feed is topped up with HYGAIN RELEASE. Hygain Release is a highly palate source of energy. The amount I feed varies depending upon the workload of the stallions under saddles and also increases during breeding season. I have fed all my performance ponies and warmbloods that I have owned Release for over 5 years.


It is recommended for horses that have muscle disorders and are prone to tying up. Whilst none of my horses have had these problems, I find that their muscles recover better with this feed during heavy work periods. 


Hygain Release contains Vitamin E and Selenium, Magnesium and Potassium - all balanced for essential tissue and muscle maintenance and recovery.

The stallions are supplemented with HYGAIN REGAIN, an electrolyte to ensure that their body salt levels are maintained. 


I also use HYGAIN FLEXION for joint health and HYGAIN HYAGLYDE an oral form of Hyaluronic acid that plays a vital role in connective tissue and joint health. 

Feeding aged horses…. 


Tonto is a 38 year old paint horse who served a long life in one of WA’s riding schools and was adopted by Dynamik Stallions to retire in 2008. He is a great friend to the stallions and is cared for just like the stallions are. 


Tonto is unable to eat any hay. He eats a small breakfast of lucerne chaff, HYGAIN TRUCARE and HYGAIN FIBRESSENTIALS in the mornings. The advantage of Trucare and Fibressentials is that they can be soaked. While the stallions enjoy their hay for lunch and late at night, Tonto has a lovely meal of soaked Trucare. His evening meal also consists of lucerne, Trucare, Trugain and the Fibressential, always wet down well. 


We have found that Tonto has really benefited from the change from oaten chaff to Fibressentials in his night feed. It is such a relief to know that he is now having his fibre requirements met with the Hygain Fibressentials and now he can clean all his feed up. 


Tonto also is fed HYGAIN TRUGAIN which makes a big difference to him being able to maintain his weight with only feeding a small amount. Trugain is a perfect addition to any horse’s diet that needs to gain condition without making them fizzy. 

Feeding our Mares and foals …… 


Our broodmares, foals and youngsters all live at KDH Equestrian so that they can be raised in large fields with high quality pasture. They all receive high quality hay and are grown up on HYGAIN TRUBREED.  We have been very happy with their development and condition on this feed. Trubreed meets the requirements for pregnant and lactating mares and growing youngsters. 


For ponies that are working under saddle….


For ponies that are working under saddle and are holding good condition, I highly recommend HYGAIN BALANCED. This is a great feed for ponies that you would not usually be able to feed the required amount of food required to meet all their nutritional levels as this feed is highly concentrated. It's great for those ponies that you can only feed a small amount. 


If your pony requires more energy during periods where the work load is higher, then adding an energy based feed to the balance is recommended. Of course there are many options such as Hygain Release to provide extra energy. 


Another feeding option for the type of pony that could still benefit from gaining some condition would be to use HYGAIN SHOWTORQUE. This feed is a no fizz feed that is 

high in fats and you only need to add your hay and fibre sources. 


If you have a pony that is prone to obesity or laminitis then I recommend that you consider feeding HYGAIN ZERO.