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The Dynamik Stallions team are proudly sponsored by Saddles Plus

Gary Johnson is an accredited saddle fitter with over 40 years experience and is an essential part of the Dynamik Stallions competition team.  Ensuring that your saddle is fitted correctly is crucial to the performance and comfort of any horse under saddle.  It is highly important to have regular saddle fitting check to ensure that your horse is pain free and is able to move freely.

With our young ponies starting under saddle, a good fit helps to give them confidence without restriction. For our ponies moving through the dressage levels to the FEI ranks, a good fitting saddle is essential as the pony develops in it’s topline. A good saddle fit means success in performance.

Saddles Plus is rapidly expanding throughout Australia to bring an expert saddle fitting service and knowledge straight to you.


Gary's current saddle fitting schedule:

Margaret River, Albany WA- Every 3 to 4 weeks

Geraldton WA - Every 8-10 weeks

Kalgoorlie, Esperance, Ceduna, Eyre Peninsula, Adelaide Hills, Every 6-10 months.

If you are specifically interested in the N.T. or S.A. trips, please contact

Here at Dynamik Stallions  we are huge fans of the latest innovation in saddle fitting and comfort for the horse and rider made possible by Prestige Italia.  We now have an all-time favorite Saddle with the Prestige Brilliante AS-X technology.  The technology of the tree won an International Innovation award at Spoga Horse, Top Innovations for 2024. 


Watch the video to see the saddle tree technology available for both jumping and dressage saddles. 

The Brillante K AS-X saddle is a monoflap and the entire design gives such an incredible feeling of being in close contact with the horse. The saddle places the rider in the ultimate balanced position with its deep seat, which helps the rider to be as effective as possible.  The knee block is supportive but does not cause any restriction.

The cut back shoulder is of high importance to allow our big moving German Riding Ponies as much shoulder elasticity as possible.


The innovation of the tree technology exceeds all expectations to allow the horse to have shoulder freedom, no restriction when lifting the wither in the work and most of all allows the horse to effectively swing through the back without the saddle panels blocking this movement.


Prestige stirrup leathers


These leathers are so comfortable, the never causing rubbing on the inner thigh, the leather is beautiful and they last for years.

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The Prestige leather care kit


Luxurious and essential leather care products.

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Roeckl Gloves


The only gloves to ride in.  These gloves give the rider the ultimate feel and grip and last so well.

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ACavallo Gel Pad

A must have item. These gel pads create stability for the saddle which is a especially useful for our German Riding Ponies given they are wide in the barrel but also so compact in their type.

It is very useful to own both the front rider and standard gel pads to increase comfort and fit of the saddle as a young pony is changing shape, or an older horse in developing and changing with work levels.

We love the sheepskin lined version. 

Fleck Whip

These Whips give the best feeling in hand and the ultimate timing.


We always use the Fleck Dressage Whips and the Lunge Whip also are next level for timing and effectiveness.

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