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Chilled Semen

2024 Breeding Season  -  Chilled Semen

The Dynamik Stallions will commence chilled breeding collections as of 

Monday 30th September, 2024 and finish Tuesday 24th December, 2024

Please note that chilled collections are available on weekdays

and Saturday mornings until 12 noon (WA time) only. 

Dynamik Stallions are available to limited mares each season.

Please scroll down to place your booking via the online booking form.

You will then be emailed an invoice and logistics for your Single Cycle Chilled Breeding.

All mares must be booked in by emailing a signed and completed "Single Cycle Insemination Contract" to Dynamik Stallions OR, alternatively complete the online order form below.  The Dynamik Stallions will cover limited mares for the season.

Terms and Conditions of Single Cycle Insemination Contract :

1.  Single Cycle Insemination Chilled Service Fees :

Chilled Service fee per stallion for a Single Cycle Insemination -  $1,200 inclusive of GST (TRUSSARDI D, TOP DER DA, NUMERUS CLAUSUS, GOLDEN WEST NRW and GVK DAILY STAR) and includes Live Foal Policy (see conditions in Clause 2)

  • This contract provides a SINGLE insemination of chilled semen for one (1) cycle.  For Eastern states clients a back-up dose will be provided in the case that the mare does not ovulate at the time predicted.

  • The dose/s provided are only allowed to be used for the mare named in this contract.

  • Only one (1) pregnancy is allowed for this contract.

  • In the case of Embryo Transfer, if two pregnancies are successfully transferred, a second service fee must be paid for the second pregnancy once pregnancy is confirmed in the recipient mare.

  • This contract does not hold a pregnancy guarantee.

  • Chilled semen will only be provided to a veterinarian or a qualified AI technician. 

  • Semen will only be provided after the service fee, collection fee and transport fees have been paid in full  to Dynamik Stallions and this stallion contract has been signed and received by Dynamik Stallions. 

  • Mare Information Schedule must be completed and returned with the Contract.

  • It is recommended that mares achieve a clean swab before breeding.

2.  This Single Cycle Insemination Contract does not hold a pregnancy guarantee but does hold a Live Foal Policy for a pregnancy achieved in the 2024 breeding season only, with the following conditions:


  • The Live Foal Policy will take effect only after the mare has had a positive pregnancy test at 45 days with a confirmed healthy embryo. The Live Foal Policy will then be in effect until the foal is 48 hours old.

  • Written proof of the 45 day positive pregnancy test must be provided to Dynamik Stallions by the mare owner’s veterinarian in order to claim the Live Foal Policy.

  • Written proof of the loss of a foal within the 48 hours after birth must be provided to Dynamik Stallions by the mare owner’s veterinarian in order to claim the Live Foal Policy.

  • One dose only will be provided for the Live Foal Policy.

  • The Live Foal Policy does not cover the loss of a foal in the event that the mare dies as a result of accident or illness unrelated to giving birth to the foal.

  • Transport and collection fees will apply.

3.  Quality of Chilled Semen : 

All of the Dynamik Stallions standing at public stud have excellent motility and fertility with excellent progressive motility for chilled transport of semen.  All the stallions are between 80 and 100 percent motile upon collection throughout the breeding season.

4.  Transport of Chilled Semen :

  • Dynamik Stallions accepts no responsibility for delays in freight to the mare owner’s specified delivery location once the semen has left the stallion owners collection point.

  • WA Clients  -  please call Baldivis Veterinary Hospital and ask to speak to an Equine Nurse for quotes regarding mare breeding and scans on 08 9524 1466.

5.  Stallion Service Certificate :


  • A Stallion Service Certificate will be completed and provided to the mare owner upon written advice that the mare has received a positive pregnancy test and that any outstanding fees have been paid.

  • A copy of the Stallion Service Certificate will be kept on file by Dynamik Stallions.

  • This agreement incorporates the mare’s marking and information sheet which must fully and accurately record the mare’s brands, markings and details, and be returned to Dynamik Stallions at the same time as this document and prior to a collection of semen being undertaken.

6.  Death or Injury to the Stallion :


In the event of the death or injury of the nominated stallion which renders him unable to breed before the collection is made, the fees will be refunded.


7.  Veterinary collection and packing fee is additional to the service fee :


  • The Dynamik Stallions are collected at the Baldivis Veterinary Hospital in WA.  The vet collection and packing fee for chilled semen that is ready to transport to another veterinary hospital anywhere in Australia is $275 inc. GST.

  • For Interstate clients - Road transport of semen to Perth Airport is by courier and then transported by Qantas Freight on a flight to any airport in Australia.  This fee is $200 inc. GST. 

  • The stallion will be collected late in the afternoon the day before the mare requires insemination. The package prepared by Baldivis Veterinary Hospital will be ready to pick up early the following morning from your requested airport.

  • For WA clients - For local mares, please call Baldivis Veterinary Hosital for quotes regarding mare breeding and scans. Baldivis Veterinary Hospital Ph (08) 9524466.  If a client wishes to use another vet within WA, the semen collection and packaging fee of $275 will apply. Transport by courier from Baldivis Vets to other vets in WA is also available.  Please contact us for a courier quote if you are unable to pick the package up yourself.

Please ensure that you read all Terms and Conditions of the Single Cycle Insemination Contract before signing OR completing the Online Contract. 

Our stallions are collected at the Baldivis Vet Hospital in Baldivis, Western Australia. For breeding clients in Perth, we highly recommend the Baldivis Veterinary Hospital for breeding your mare to the Dynamik Stallions. 


You can book your mare on for an initial scan at Baldivis vets and they will be able to advise you when the best time is to breed your mare. Once your mare is in the hospital, the staff will liase with Dynamik Stallions when your mare is ready to be bred.  When you use the Baldivis Veterinary Hospital the collection fee of $275 will include the insemination fo your mare and will be payable to the Vets, not to Dynamik Stallions.  You can contact Baldivis Veterinary Hospital for an estimation of breeding costs for your mare at their hospital.


If you decide to breed your mare using Baldivis Vet Hospital, you will need to send Dynamik Stallions the completed and signed breeding contract first and pay the Stallion Service Fee in full before any semen will be provided.

Baldivis Vet Hospital

597 Baldivis Road, Baldivis WA 6171 


Ph: 9524 1466  -  Fax: 9524 1754



Opening Hours

Mon-Fri: 8am-6pm

Sat: 8am-5:30pm

Sun: 8:30am-5:30pm

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