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are the sole distributors of

Silver Shadow Equine Solariums

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Benefits of using an Equine Solarium


  • Improve muscle suppleness before exercise, reducing warm up time 

  • Help improve blood circulation and cellular metabolism

  • Infra Red Heat therapy assists recovery of injury

  • Help reduce stiffness after workout and promotes relaxation and recovery

  • Improves general health and well-being of your horse and pony

  • Infrared bulb heat penetration is a great source of Vitamin D which is an essential vitamin for healthy skin and muscle development, which horses usually get from the sun and is often lacked in the winter months.

  • Helps dry off your horse or pony after workout, washing or swimming


The Solarium 


  • Constructed with box alloy, the Solarium comes easy to mount and comes complete with fitting instructions and chains for easy hanging. 

  • All Solariums are fitted with Low Glare Infrared Lamps (14 Lamps are included)

  • The open frame unit prevents condensation and moisture buildup allowing air to flow and circulate

  • Horse Solarium dimensions - 1.5m Length x 1.3m Width x 30cm Height. Weight of the unit is approximately 9KG.

  • Easy Installation, Over hang guideline - 2ft above your horses withers

  • The unit comes with ample chain for hanging and long power lead. The until can be easily hard wired in with a wall switch by a qualified electrician.  The Unit requires a 15 amp plug. 



Units are available for purchase through Dynamik Stallions via EFT.  Dynamik Stallions will generate a paid invoice for you once you complete a form with your delivery details and your payment transfer details (your receipt reference and date of payment). 


Please email Kristy at Dynamik Stallions if you are interested in purchasing an Equine Solarium. 

Email   Ph 0432 322 053

Once your payment is received, Dynamik Stallions will make the International Transfer on your behalf.  When the Silver Shadow Solarium Company receives the payment for the unit, you can expect to receive your unit around 2 weeks after this time.  Dynamik Stallions will forward you the tracking numbers as soon as they are available.  


If there is any damage to your unit during transport, a courier will be sent to pick up your unit.  Once the manufacturers have received the faulty unit, a new unit will be sent to you.  



Silver Shadow Equine Solariums are $2,100 (inc gst) (Price includes shipping Australia wide)

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