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Registration of your foal

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German Riding Ponies Australia now has an extensive pedigree database listing of both imported and bred in Australia GRP's and their progeny.

If you have a bred to a Dynamik Stallion please visit the GRP Pedigree Database and submit an application to list your pony or horse. 

Service Certificates for Dynamik Stallion Frozen Semen foals


If you have bred a foal from frozen semen for any of the Dynamik Stallions, you need to send in a completed Mare Identification form (from the Frozen Semen Contract) in order to obtain a service certificate to prove the sire pedigree of your foal for future registrations.

Australian & Continental Equestrian Group 


All the Dynamik Stallions are registered with the ACE Group. 


This registration group may also be useful for breeding clients that are using the Dynamik Stallions over their warmblood mares.

Welsh Pony and Cob Society Australia Inc 


The Welsh Pony and Cob Society require 12.5% Welsh for part Welsh registration. All Dynamik Stallions have enough Welsh blood to allow for part Welsh registration.


Don Philino WE (PWS 2434) has 26.2% Welsh blood 

Trussardi D (PWS 2430) has 36.2% Welsh blood 

Golden Rock (PWS 2429) has 31.4% Welsh blood 

Top Der Da (PWS 2433) has 32.6% Welsh blood 

Numerus Clausus (PWS 2530) has 40.85% Welsh blood 

Golden West NRW (PWS 2552) has 59.9% Welsh blood

HB Daily Sunshine has 42.02% Welsh blood (tbc)

Arabian Horse Society of Australia 

For partbred Arabian registration, progeny must have a minimum of 12.5% Arabian blood.

Don Philino WE has 13.57% Arabian blood 


Trussardi D has 29.72% Arabian blood. This means that all of his foals can be registered part Arabian.


Golden Rock has 27.84% Arabian blood. This means that all of his foals can be registered part bred Arabian. 


Top Der Da has a total of 24.02% Arabian blood. 

Numerus Clausus (PS25382) has a total of 21.95% Arabian blood. This means that all of his foals can be registered part bred Arabian. 

Golden West NRW has a total of 15.54% (pend) Arabian blood. 

HB Daily Sunshine has a total of 15.45% (tbc) Arabian blood.

Australian Pony Stud Book Society


If you mare is registered APSB your foal from one of the Dynamik Stallions may also be eligible for the Part Bred Register of the APSB. Your mare must have at least 50% APSB pedigree for her foal to be registered.


There is no height or age limit to registering as a Part Bred and this registration could be useful as another option to show your foal in hand.


Contact the APSB if your mare is registered and you wish to register your Dynamik foal.

Australian Warmblood Horse Association


If you breed your AWHA warmblood mare with one of the Dynamik Stallions you can register the foal with the AWHA by providing a copy of the Stallions DNA, pedigree and passport cover copy. 


Contact the AWHA for more information 

Australian Hunter Horse Association 


Don Philino has been assessed by the AHHA as a top quality sire suitable for breeding your perfect show or working hunter.

Australian Sports Pony Registry Inc.


Dynamik Stallions have their stallions registered with the ASPR and all progeny are eligible for registration. 

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