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All Creatures Healing in Mardella, WA is run by Sylvana Miller. Sylvana's knowledge comes together from a diverse range of therapies, including Bowen Therapy, myopractic, muscular skeletal therapy, thai yoga massage, mineral therapy and homoeopathy.


Sylvana has been treating the DYNAMIK Stallions for sometime time now and we have noticed a huge difference in their condition and recovery from their work and breeding.  At DYNAMIK Stallions we believe that having your performances horses or ponies regularly treated with bodywork is very important to ensuring that they develop properly in their work and ensures optimum performance. 


As a horse goes through various levels of training, one would expect that they will experience some soft tissue pain, regular treatment ensures that there are no underlying problems and that their bodies are in balance so they can continue to develop in the correct manner.


Of course horses can create body soreness doing all sorts of extra curricular activity in the paddock or the stable, so their are many factors that can create issues. For breeding stallions I think that their is a much bigger call for soft tissue management. When stallions are serving this can put strain on a whole range of different muscle groups and also their hocks and chests. Ensuring that stallions are still comfortable and have no soreness or misalignment created from breeding ensures that stallions stay happy and can also continue with their work under saddle pain free.  


Sylvana's body work talents do not end there. Sylvana also treats people using both Bowen, Thai and other techniques. I have a body treatment every two weeks to ensure that my body is in the best alignment possible which in turn helps me keep my position when riding in the best possible alignment. One thing that riders should consider is that there is a great importance in maintaining the alignment of both horse and rider. A horse with painful or misaligned muscle groups maybe compensate and create misalignment or pain in muscle groups of the rider and visa versa.

On the topic of body alignment, All Creatures Healing complements the services they provide by offering regular Yoga classes at their centre in Mardella. Since I started weekly Yoga classes, I have found a huge difference to how I feel when I sit in the saddle. Yoga helps me be aware of my body alignment and any stiffness that I have in my body. 


Yoga helps to open up the shoulder and hip joints and increases flexibility which in turn can be of huge benefit to riders in any discipline. 


 I am very grateful to Sylvana for giving myself and the Dynamik Stallions this sponsorship as having a balanced body for both the horse and rider can in turn create a happy and balanced mind. 



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