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Dynamik Stallions produce a small number of exceptionally bred foals for sale each year using the the very best of German Riding Pony pedigrees proven in sport. 


We pride ourselves on raising our foals with professional handling, feeding top quality Hygain feeds and quality hay for excellent health. All our foals are taught to lead and spend time in our safe foal bays under supervision to gain trust and confidence in being in a confined space. They are all able to be washed, groomed and have their hooves trimmed. We teach them to float load and we also take them for walks on our safe track while still on their dams to expose them to new environments and help them gain confidence and trust.

We present our foals each year for assessment with an FN accredited international breed assessor from Germany to gain an expert opinion on our breeding program, which is also a very positive experience for the foals learning to be plaited and professionally presented. 

When it comes to weaning time, Dynamik Stallions also offers a raising service.  We believe that it is very important that foals are well socialised in a herd as foals need to run and play to be happy but also to develop healthy strong bones and ligaments to be sound sports ponies in the future.

Dynamik Nick Wilde


Sire - Numerus Clausus

Dam - Angelic (x Trussardi D)

DOB 29/10/2023

Liver chestnut gelding with 3 white socks with the most adorable character and beautiful face.  He is already showing wonderful movement and the outstanding qualities of his sire who has already produced 29 Elite foals in Australia and his dam, who has produced 4 Elite foals including Nick Wilde's full sister, Dynamik Nikita. 

Full pedigree here - Dynamik Nick Wilde

Dynamik Nick Wilde 2 comp.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik Groovejet


Sire - Golden West NRW

Dam - Leedale Leilani (x Don Philino WE)

DOB 10/10/2023

Dynamik Groovejet is a golden palomino gelding with beautiful face and a wonderful sports pony type. With a score of 8.5 for his walk, a score of 8 for his trot and not showing his canter at his ACE assessment, he still scored 80 percent and gained Elite status.


This pony will be very versatile with his proven pedigree. This is also the last foal from the successful dam, Leedale Leilani who has produced a dressage with the stars Champion of Champions, Young pony champions and successful dressage ponies. 

Full pedigree here - Dynamik Groovejet

IMGP6155 Groovejet ACE 1 c.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik Nickleby


Sire - Numerus Clausus

Dam - Delon Park Dream Catcher (x FS Don't Worry)

DOB 14/11/2023


A beautiful brown dun colt with a gorgeously pretty face and white markings. 

Nickleby was assessed for the Wesfalen Verband, Germany and gained a huge score of 93.25%, top scoring out of 310 horses and ponies presented on the 2024 ACE Assessment Tour.  With scores of 10's for his trot and 10 for swing and elasticity.

He has an outstanding proven performance pedigree and his sire has now produced 29 Elite foals in Australia.


Full pedigree here - Dynamik Nickleby

IMGP5952 Nickleby ACE 8 c.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik Destiny Moon


Sire - HB Daily Sunshine

Dam - Dynamik Dynasty (x Top Der Da) 

DOB 17/11/2023


Dynamik Destiny Moon is a tiny elegant filly with a huge character. This filly is a beautiful pony type with a beautiful head, neck and hindquarter. She has three very good paces and scored 81.5 % at her 2024 ACE assessment for the Westfalen Verband, Germany.


Her pedigree is exceptional with her young sire already having success at the European Championships with a 12 year old girl. Daily Pleasure is the sire of sires with Bundeschampionate and European Championships success.


Her dam also has two Westfalen licensed sires in her pedigree with success to FEI. There is a huge depth of sports success in this pedigree in this filly. We plan to have one foal from this filly in the future and then will sell her under saddle. One to watch out for.

Full pedigree here - Dynamik Destiny Moon

Destiny Moon 2 c.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik Don Phorever


Sire - FS Don Juan de Luxe

Dam - Dynamik Savannah (x Don Philino WE)

DOB 13/10/2023


A very handsome dunalino colt with 4 white socks.


Dynamik Don Phorever gained a huge score of 90% at the 2024 ACE Assessments and was third in the placings from over 300 horses and pones assessed in Australia. . This pony has such a cool character, has a super uphill pony type. He has three excellent gaits with his exceptional swing and elasticity throughout his whole body for which he scored a 9.5.  He scored 9.5 for both walk and trot and overall impression, all round amazing scores. 


He is named Don Phorever, as his character and markings have come through the generations from our wonderful Don Philino WE. 

Full pedigree here - Dynamik Don Phorever

Dynamik Don Phorever 2 c.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik Numia


Sire - Numerus Clausus

Dam - Dynamik Greta Garbo (x Golden West NRW)

DOB 13/10/2023


Dynamik Numia is a striking liver chestnut filly with a super depth of top sports pony pedigree. This filly scored 80.125% and Elite Status at the 2024 ACE assessment.


With a super uphill neck set and beautiful topline, this filly has a big over tracking walk, expressive uphill trot and an excellent hind leg in the canter. She is the omplete package with lots of bling 

Full pedigree here - Dynamik Numia

Dynamik Numia 1 c.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik Goldtrix


Sire - Golden West NRW

Dam - Angelic (x Trussardi D)

DOB 16/9/2022


Dynamik Goldtrix is a palomino overo filly by our legendary stallion Golden West NRW and out of Angelic, who is by Trussardi D.  This mare has already produced three Elite assessed foals for Dynamik Stallions.

Goldtrix is extremely pretty and elegant and an absolute doll. There is no denying her pedigree is proven in Sport with the success of her sire and dam sire Trussardi D.


Goldtrix has superior elasticity and swing in her paces, excellent knee and hock action. This filly is of international quality and is set to be a top sports pony in the future. 

Full pedigree here - Dynamik Goldtrix

Dynamik Goldtrix 4.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik Nirvana


Sire - Numerus Clausus

Dam - Delon Park Dream Catcher (x FS Don't Worry)

DOB 12/9/2022


Dynamik Nirvana is a red dun colt of extraordinary quality. He has excellent conformation with a beautiful topline, well conformed croup and well set on neck. He has cadenced, elastic paces with an uphill tendency. Nirvana not only has a beautiful head but a very friendly character. He is a top pony for FEI Sport with a proven pedigree.


His sire Numerus Clausus needs no introduction with successful progeny in both Australia and Germany, all known for their excellent rideability.


His dam is Delon Park Dream Catcher who is by the one and only FS Don't Worry. 

Full pedigree here - Dynamik Nirvana

Dynamik Nirvana 3 comp.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik Tangerine Dream


Sire - Trussardi D

Dam - Leedale Leilani (x Don Philino WE)

DOB 26/8/2022


Dynamik Tangerine Dream is a dark chestnut filly with a fabulous proven pedigree in sport, along with rideability and temperament.


She is by Trussardi D and has a super neck set typical of his progeny; a compact and leggy filly.  Tangerine Dream is super laid back and so easy to handle. Her walk has huge over track, her trot is uphill and her canter is very balanced and uphill.


This filly we be retained by Dynamik Stallions to produce a foal for our stud, before going under saddle to be sold in the future.

Full pedigree here - Dynamik Tangerine Dream

Dynamik Tangerine Dream 2 comp.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik Galaxy


Sire - Golden West NRW

Dam - Angelic (x Trussardi D)

DOB 20/9/2021


With his galaxy of patches, Dynamik Galaxy is going to stand out wherever he goes.  His dam has already produced 3 out of 3 Elite foals and this amazing colt promises to be no exception.  

View full pedigree here - Dynamik Galaxy

Dynamik Galaxy 3 comp.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik No Gravity


Sire - Numerus Clausus

Dam - Dynamik Greta Garbo (x Golden West NRW)

DOB 20/9/2021


An exceptionally well bred colt, Dynamik No Gravity is the combination of the best GRP bloodlines available in Australia.  

View full pedigree here - Dynamik No Gravity

Dynamik No Gravity 2 comp.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik Numerus Starz


Sire - Numerus Clausus

Dam - Leedale Leilani (x Don Philino WE)

DOB 17/9/2021


An exquisitely beautiful chestnut filly, Dynamik Numerus Starz has fantastic movement and is destined to be an absolute performance star.

View full pedigree here - Dynamik Numerus Starz

Dynamik Numeruz Starz 4 comp.jpg

ELP Photo

Brookdale Park Oliver


Sire - Top Der Da

Dam - Ophelia (x Don Philino WE)

DOB - 4/10/2017



Oliver is a liver chesnut gelding with a great topline, elegant straight legs with good hock angles to mature 16hh. 

We are so thrilled with how our three year old gelding developed after 6 weeks starting under saddle at Stella Equestrian.  Oliver not only has a super friendly character but he has shown to have excellent rideability. He gave Siri a great feeling under saddle with his huge elastic walk, a trot full with great swing that will develop a lot of cadence and a big expressive canter.


He is now having a 4 week break at Dynamik Stallions during March and will return to Stella Equestrian to be prepared for sale in April 2021.  We are certain this small riding horse is going to have a great future in the dressage competition arena.


Oliver comes with a set of radiographs and an AVA Vet check certificate conducted by Baldivis Equine Veterinarians in March 2021.  He is in top health and there are no concerns with his radiographs. 

Ophelia (x Don Philino WE) - Dam of BP Oliver

Ophelia 1.jpg
Ophelia 3.jpg
BP Oliver.jpg

Dynamik Nashville


Sire - Numerus Clausus

Dam - Leedale Leilani (x Don Philino WE)

DOB - 25/9/2020

Nashville 3 comp.jpg

ELP Photo

ELP Photo

Nashville 2 comp.jpg

Dynamik Graceland


Sire - Golden West NRW

Dam - Angelic (x Trussardi D)

DOB - 19/10/2020

Graceland 3 comp.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik Tiger Lily


Sire - Trussardi D

Dam - Dynamik Savannah (x Don Philino WE)

DOB - 27/10/2020

Tiger Lily 7 crop.jpg

ELP Photo

WW Moonlight Philino


Sire - Don Philino WE


9yo mare - 13.3hh


Competing Novice, training Elementary dressage with scores around 65%.  Responsive to all aids, willing and trainable with loads of untapped potential. Currently jumping up to 70cm with scope to burn and taken out on XC courses, including ditches, water and banks. Very easy to take on trail rides too. Forward moving and responsive, no dirt, not for a beginner though. A serious competitive pony with a capable rider/family.  


Only vice is she can be a little clingy to other horses, but she still works through this. Have lots of vids and pics.


$14,000. Price includes 6 month old dressage saddle (mounted) custom fit to her. Location Pheasants Nest, NSW


Contact Bev on 0491254938


Dynamik Gossip Girl

Sire - Golden Rock

Dam - Delon Park Dream Catcher

DOB - 14/12/2019

This German Riding Pony filly is a superb type; she is uphill with a great topline.  Wrapped in a Red Dun coat, she has a unique colour, a beautiful head and a brave and very friendly character. 


Gossip Girl is expected to mature at 14hh so will be an ideal prospect for the pony sport in both dressage and jumping.

She was assessed by FN International Breed Judge, Frank Weisskirchen as part of the Australian All Breed Tour for her registration with the German Westfalen Verband.  Gossip Girl was awarded an ELITE title (DE:Premium) for AABT and a Golden Fohlen medal from Westfalen Verband.

Dynamik Gossip Girl Tour 1.jpg

ELP Photo

Gossip Girl had an overall score of 80 percent for her conformation, despite the fact that she had to lose a few marks as she is in a croup high growing phase.  Frank commented that her movement was an absolute highlight with all three of her paces being on a very high level.  He commented that her walk is "reaching for the next galaxy" with a huge over track and scoring a 9.  She trots with a very energetic hind leg with light and hovering movement for an 8.5 and her canter is very uphill also scoring 8.5.  She has excellent swing and elasticity which is typical of the progeny by Golden Rock (x HET Golden Dream x Bavarottie). This gave her a total of 84.5% for her movement and an overall score of 82.25%.  Frank commented that if this filly was in Germany, he was sure she would be a contender for the Lienen National Foal Championships and he is positive she will have much success under saddle as a sports pony.


Gossip Girl has a dream combination of pedigree with her proven sire the Imported GRP stallion, Golden Rock who has produced licensed sons, state premium mares and multiple Bundeschampionate finalists in both dressage and jumping.

Gossip Girl with dam.jpg

ELP Photo

In 2018, Golden Rock was still ranked number 18 on the German FN database for Young Sires after standing only one season in Germany.  He has many successful progeny in Europe and Australia including a D&JWTS Champion of Champions and CDI winner.  His pedigree is very strong as there are several licensed stallions Germany with dam’s by Golden Rock.

Gossip Girl’s dam is Delon Park Dream Catcher who was awarded an Elite title with the ACE group scoring 80.5% at her foal assessment.  This mare has exceeded all expectations and showed the most amazing rideability under saddle to compliment her cadenced and elastic paces. This mare is absolute top quality and her first foal reflects this.

Dream Catcher’s sire needs no introduction. FS Don’t Worry is the leading GRP sire in Europe.  He is known to stamp his progeny with the ultimate in rideability, type and outstanding competition results from numerous champions in Young Pony classes to FEI Pony and European Pony Championships.

Dream Catcher’s dam was a small warmblood who also had excellent rideability and outstanding cadenced paces and was sired by Farewell III who was not only a Bundeschampion but successful through the dressage rankings to Grand Prix.

Dynamik Nikita

Sire - Numerus Clausus

Dam - Angelic

DOB - 8/11/2019

A liver chestnut filly who will be absolutely top class for the pony sport.  Her dam Angelic has already produced two Elite assessed foals and this filly is no exception. 


Nikita has a superb topline, a huge walk, a cadenced trot and an uphill canter.  She is of exceptional quality and has a very brave and sweet temperament. 


This filly is for sale to a good competition home. To mature around 14.1hh. 


Nikita is available on a payment plan and Dynamik Stallions can also offer spelling agistment for growing her up after weaning with other pony foals. 

Dynamik Nikita comp.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik Next Hero

Sire - Numerus Clausus

Dam - Leedale Leilani (x Don Philino WE)

DOB - 23/10/2019

Liver chestnut colt of excellent pony type.  His dam is Leedale Leilani by Don Philino who is a proven producer of excellent sports ponies. 


Hero is uphill with a great neck and shoulder, with a great hindquarter and hind leg.  He has great suspension in his trot, a big walk and an uphill canter which is typical of the ponies by Numerus Clausus.  He has an adorable character and is very independent.


Hero will be raised by the Dynamik Stallions team before heading to the eastern states to a really super competition home. 

Dynamik Next Hero comp.jpg

ELP Photo

Dynamik New Sensation

Sire - Numerus Clausus (Imp)     

Dam - Leedale Leilani (x Don Philino WE)

DOB - 16 November, 2018

This colt was sold with a waiting list before we had a chance to advertise him! His full brother or sister will be for sale due in late 2019.


“Dynamik New Sensation” is a colt with super elasticity and a great type. 


Congratulations to Dr Kylie Brkusich of Performance Equine Sports Medicine on her third pony purchase represented with Dynamik imported stallions pedigrees.  Kylie is a huge fan of the quality of our champion Stallion, Numerus Clausus and knows well that the Don Philino pedigree produces great sports ponies with excellent temperaments.


This pony will be raised by the Dynamik Stallions team until he is ready to go under saddle as a top sports pony prospect.


Raised on HYGAIN Tru Breed, HYGAIN Fibressentials and HYGAIN Balanced.

Dynamik New Sensation 2.jpg
video icon.png

KDH Galina

Sire - Golden Rock (Imp)     

Dam - Angelic (x Trussardi D)

DOB - 8th November, 2017

Beautiful palomino filly of excellent type and character.  KDH Galina is by Dynamik Stallion's imported German Riding Pony stallion Golden Rock who is a proven producer of quality sports ponies in Australia and Europe with great rideability.

Her dam Angelic, is by Dynamik Stallion's imported German Riding Pony stallion Trussardi D who is also a proven producer of sports ponies in Europe and Australia.

With this excellent combination of pedigrees, Galina has inherited an uphill way of going with a super neck set and very strong hindquarters.  She has elastic and powerful paces and will make a top sports pony with her predicted mature height of 14.2 hh.  She has a sweet and friendly character, guaranteed to win your heart.

Galina is for sale on behalf of KDH Equestrian and Dynamik Stallions and will be assessed and registered with the Australian Sports Pony Registry.

For viewings, please contact Katlin Hull of KDH Equestrian.

$8,000 neg with payment plan available.


Dynamik Dream Time


Date of Birth: 25th September 2015 Colour: Bay

Mature between 14.1 - 14.2hh


A superstar pony for the future is offered for sale with the very best of famous GRP pedigrees combined.  A super stylish dressage pony with sensational looks and super paces.


The dam of Dream is Leedale Leilani, by our very own imported GRP stallion Don Philino.  Leilani is very much like her sire in both character and type and she has already produced two top quality foals by Golden Rock with super movement, swing, elasticity and outstanding tempermanents.


Top Der Da is by the famous sire FS Don't Worry, known as the 'Donnerhal' of the GRP's having produced countless successful progeny in Europe.  Both Top Der Da's dam sire and Don Philino's sire is Dressman 1, one of the most predominant GRP's for producing top quality ponies for international competition.


Don Philino's progeny have swing, elasticity and outstanding rideability with Top Der Da producing very willing and rideable progeny with correct movement and strong hind end power. This combination has resulted in a quality pony type with movement and above all, a top character.


Dynamik Dream Time will shortly be weaned and has been gelded and microchipped.  He is registered with the Australian Sports Pony Registry.  He is well handled and is a pony well worth waiting for.


Viewings are welcome Contact Kristy 0432 322 053

Dynamik Stallions


KDH Trademark


Sire : Trussardi D

Dam : KDH Lady Penelope


DOB: 21/11/2015  Bay   Mature approx 14hh


KDH Equestrian and Raywell Farms present for sale a gorgeous elegant colt by German Riding Pony Stallion Trussardi Dout of the Part Welsh/Riding Pony mare KDH Lady Penelope. Lady Penelope is a successful dressage pony whose pedigree includes the successful welsh Imperial and Downlands lines as well as the Willowcroft riding pony lines. Lady Penelope has multiple wins and places including State Championship at Preliminary and Novice Level in pony dressage with her owner Katlin Hull of KDH Equestrian. She has also been assessed and graded with the Westfalen German Riding Pony Mare Studbook.


Another very elegant pony type from this combination, 'Dudley' promises to be perfect for the dressage and showing arenas with an outstanding front and shoulder and straight legs. He has three great paces with a stand-out walk.  He has a very calm and soft temperament and an easy going attitude to life and loves everyone, especially cuddles.


Recently assessed with ACE, Dudley scored 76.75% with special mention of walk for a 9, well framed and good set neck and head for 8’s and his elasticity. He is currently placed 4th within Australia for ACE Performance Pony.


Dudley is very easy and calm to handle, being halter and lead trained, self loading on the float, hosed and plaited. He is regularly trimmed by the farrier, wormed and up to date with vaccinations, microchipped and branded. He is to be gelded at cost by breeder.


Price: $6,600 inclusive of GST


Serious enquiries only. For more information please contact Katlin Hull 0405 846 246 or email

Please visit

Located Waroona, Western Australia

KDH Guns N Roses


Sire : Golden Rock

Dam : SS Rosa (x Rotspon)


DOB: 22/11/2015  Liver Chestnut   Approx. mature 16.1hh


KDH Equestrian and Raywell Farms present for sale a stunning liver chestnut gelding by the super palomino German Riding Pony Stallion Golden Rock and the beautiful black warmblood Rotspon mare Saffron Stables Rosa.


Axle is a breeder’s dream foal. This very impressive boy has an outstanding body conformation, powerful paces and super good looks matched with the top presence and personality needed for a future performance superstar. As with all of the SS Rosa offspring, his temperament is easy, willing, friendly and happy. 


Recently assessed with AWHA, Axle scored 81.43% with all scores but one being 8’s and 8.5’s with the assessors special mention of his correct conformation, strength, type, incredible hind leg mechanics in his canter and his bright future as a performance horse. This score placed him:

  • Led Under 1yr Australia – 7th

  • Led Under 1yr Male Australia – 2nd

  • Led Open WA – 3rd


Axle is easy pleased and to care for, being halter and lead trained, self loading on the float, hosed and plaited. He is regularly trimmed by the farrier, wormed and up to date with vaccinations, microchipped and branded. 


Don Phantastik 


Palomino GRP cross gelding - DOB 13/9/2012


Breeder Rachel Colquhon Victoria Australia. 


Don Phantastik is a young gelding owned by Dynamik Stallions, he has super scopey paces wrapped in a golden coat and topped off with extra bling. 


A typical youngster by Dynamik Stallions Don Philino WE, he has a super character and a willingness to please and be with people. 


His dam A Touch of Cinnamon was a super type part Connemara mare.  


He should mature around 14.1hh and will be another great asset to the future of pony sport here in Australia. 


Don Phantastik is maturing beautifully, Dynamik Stallions are very happy to own this super sports pony.


Don Phantastik has moved to Dynamik Stallions in February 2016 and will soon go under saddle with Kristy.


Dynamik Desert Storm


Date of Birth: 28th September 2015 Colour: Buckskin


A top pony dressage prospect for the future who is also sure to excel in show hunter and jumping, this pony colt has three correct super paces and an unbeatable temperament to match.


He has a beautiful uphill neck set, super conformation and straight legs.


His sire is the imported Dynamik stallion, Top Der Da whose pedigree combines the renowned GRP pedigrees of FS Don’t Worry and Dressman 1.  Top Der Da himself is a fully licenced Westphalian Stallion who is 9 years old and has had wins and places up to PSG level in Open Dressage Competition in Australia.  His progeny in Germany and Australia are proven to have top temperaments, rideability and have had success in competition.


Desert Storm’s dam is a top bred Welsh B mare Parvenire Safari by Bamborough Paramount.  Safari is a delight to own in every way.  She is very rideable and a super type who has had success in Welsh Classes as a young mare.


Desert Storm is eligible for Part Welsh, Arabian part bred and ABSB part bred registrations.


Desert Storm will mature around 13.3hh.  He has been gelded, branded and microchipped and is registered with the Australian Sports Pony Registry.  He has been extremely well handled and will soon be weaned and ready to go to a new home.


$6,600 inc GST.  Payment plan available.


Viewings are welcome Contact Kristy 0432 322 053

Dynamik Stallions


Foal out of KDH Lady Penelope x Trussardi D

Lady Penelope is a successful dressage pony whose pedigree includes the successful Welsh Imperial and Downlands lines as well as the Willowcroft riding Pony lines.


Lady Penelope has multiple wins and places at Preliminary and Novice Level in pony dressage with her owner Katlin Hull of KDH Equestrian.


In 2014 she produced an amazing foal by Dynamik Stallion's Trussardi D. This foal is a lovely type with a huge walk, expressive trot and the most unbeatable sweet temperament.


KDH Lady Penelope is once again in foal to Trussardi D and this pony foal will be for sale in late 2015.


Contact KDH Equestrian for more information.


Dynamik Golden Eclipse


Palomino colt born 9th October, 2014


A pony star with an exceptional pedigree, he is bound to have a very bright future in the pony dressage arena and he is sure to have super jumping ability. This foal is a superb German Riding Pony type and is clearly built uphill. He has three great paces that are very elastic and he has great swing. We expect him to mature between 14.1 and 14.2 hh. 


Two of our fully licensed, imported stallions with outstanding performance records are in his pedigree. His sire is Golden Rock (HET Golden Dream /Bavarottie) and his dam sire is 

Don Philino WE (Dressman 1/Luxor).  


This colts temperament is exceptional, he has a very laid back loving character which is why his stable name is Cruz.  He reminds us so much of KDH Lord Cromwell (aka Crumpet ) in his character and his type, and as a son of Don Philino this gelding is having super success in the dressage arena. 


This is your chance to purchase this young foal with the added bonus of his golden coat and loving character.


TF Don't Ask 


A pony mare that leaves nothing to be desired with a super pedigree, excellent type and exceptional looks. TF Don't Ask has three super paces powered with suspension and cadence. 


Chestnut GRP mare - DOB 8/10/2011

Breeder Tamlyn Farm, Victoria Australia 


  • ACE Tour 2012 Foal Assessment  80.75% and gained an Elite Award. 

  • Registered with the Australian Sports Pony Registry.


SIRE - Don Philino WE, a super sire with proven progeny including a finalist son at the prestigious event for young horses in Germany, the Bundeschampionate.  He himself gained Silver Medal in Dressage Bundeschampionate plus two times finalist in Dressage,  a Gold Medal in Bundechampionate Carriage Driving.  He holds one of the  highest 30 day test scores on record for a GRP with 87.7% including scores of 9.13 Cross Country score, 8.25 Free Jump 8.25. Wins up to Advanced Level Dressage in Australia against big horses with a great Piaffe and Passage talent. He is truly a versatile stallion and his progeny have excellent temperaments and a willingness to work under saddle. 


DAM -  Rosewater Driving Miss Daisy, GRP imported from the UK.


She was the Dressage with The Stars Young Pony Champion in 2012 and second place getter in 2013.


Her sire FS Don't Worry is considered to be the Donnerhall of the pony world and at Dynamik Stallions we are big fans of the FS Don't Worry pedigree as our stallion Top Der Da is also by FS Don't Worry. 


We can see many of the traits of Don Philino and the FS Don't Worry pedigree in TF Don't Ask. She also carries other influential GRP pedigree with Golden Dancer and Dancer plus she has some Hannoverian pedigree also. 


TF Don't ask has an excellent character, is a super type and has excellent paces full of cadence and suspension. She is destined to be a super competitive sports pony for the future. 


Contact Kristy Jarvis or Katlin Hull of KDH Equestrian 


Dynamik Great Expectations 


Colt Born 3rd November 2013. 


By imported GRP stallion Golden Rock (HET Golden Dream/ Bavarottie) . Dam sire is our imported GRP stallion Don Philino WE (Dressman 1/ Luxor). 


Dynamik Great Expectations was presented at the ACE/ ASPR assessment tour and received an amazing score of 80.25%. He received the highest title a foal can receive graded at Elite for both the ASPR and ACE. 


This colt has a huge walk, an expressive trot and a super canter. He is the complete package with a super character. Should mature to 14hh. Bred by Dynamik Stallions and foaled down and handled by Katlin Hull of KDH Equestrian. 


His dam, Leedale Leilani is owned by Dynamik Stallions and we are thrilled to announce that she is in foal again to our stallion Golden Rock and we look forward to seeing what this combination produce next season. Foal will be offered for sale.


Dynamik Stallions are delighted to announce that this colt has been sold to Sienna Bergesen who is a very talented young rider. We wish Sienna and Great Expectations a super future together! 




Tuscany is a one year old filly by the imported German Riding Pony stallion TRUSSARDI D. 


Her sire was a Premium stallion for Westphalia in Germany in 2009 and holds two Bronze Medals from the prestigious young horse event, the Bundeschampate. His rideablity and character are outstanding as reflected in his German and Australian competition results. Trussardi will compete at elementary and medium Level in 2014. See more details on Trussardi D on this website on his page and in the Dynamik photo gallery. 


This filly has inherited her sire’s brave excellent character. 


Tuscany is a great type and will make a super mount for dressage and showing for a small lady or junior. She has a great walk and ground covering trot and a powerful uphill canter like her sire. As a foal she showed her excellent paces and in the years to come will be a fantastic uncomplicated horse for the competition arena. 


Tuscany should mature around 15.2hh and is an uphill, modern and elegant type with a very pretty face. 


Her dam was a smaller Warmblood cross Thoroughbred although pedigree is unknown. Tuscany would still be eligible for Part Welsh for breed show purposes. 


Tuscany is presented for sale by Katlin Hull at  KDH Equestrian and Kristy Jarvis of Dynamik Stallions. 




Breeder: Sheree Martin, Victoria Australia


DOB: 19th December 2010


Sire: Don Philino WE 

Dam: Sarowan Park Ollyanna - Welsh x Warmblood (Donnerheist /Donnerhall) 


This lovely young mare is a super type and has an unbeatable temperament.


She will be a super reliable mare that will be versatile and is always focused on her training. 


View our short Youtube of Ophelia after two weeks under saddle with owner, Katlin Hull. There are some great moments of what her movement will be in the future once she gains more balance and strength.


Katlin Hull of KDH Equestrian has made another great job of long reining and preparing this mare to go under saddle. 


Ophelia was being prepared for sale on behalf of KDH Equestrian, however we are delighted that she has already been sold to the best of homes prior to advertising. 


KDH Lord Philino


Sire : Don Philino

Dam : Imperial Lady Jaine


D.O.B. 22/09/2012  Chestnut Gelding Registered with ASPR and WPCSOA


The third sibling of the super Imperial Lady Jaine/Don Philino  combination.  This little guy has the stunning good looks of his big sister and the sweet and people loving nature we have come to expect from this family.  He has been assessed by the ASPR in 2013 and was awarded a First Premium grading.  He will certainly mature under pony height approximately 13.3 hands.


Bred and owned by KDH Equestrian, Leo captured the hearts of his new owners and is going to be a super pony for two very lucky children. Katlin presented him with ribbons and ballons on the day his new owners came to collect him. 

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