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The German Riding Pony

The German Riding Pony breed or Deutsches Reitpony developed approximately 40 years ago. The breeding goal was to develop a pony with movement that is correct and rhythmic with elastic and expressive gaits as well as having a pony with a sound temperament and rideability. A very important component is that the pony has the athletic ability for national and international competition and that they could be easily ridden by a child or small adult in the performance arena.


Using the same principles as Warmblood horses, the German Riding Pony breeding program began with imported Welsh and English ponies to be bred with various breeds of European ponies. They were infused over time with Arabians and Thoroughbreds. Trakehner and Hanoverian sires were also used to improve the breed. The end result has shown that these ponies have become very competitive in the fields of dressage, eventing, jumping and driving. They have the willingness to perform and dynamic movement to match.


Foals are inspected during the year of their birth, and exceptional individuals are awarded premium status.  Mares are inspected at or after age three and may be entered into a studbook, main studbook or premium studbook depending on their quality and bloodlines.  In Germany, high quality mares can be performance tested to achieve the coveted designation of State Premium Mare.  Stallions must be inspected at age three or four and if successful, then must complete a thirty day performance testing prior to being placed in the studbooks. 


The ultimate breed goal for these ponies is to meet the international height of 148 cms or under but like some of our Australian pony breeds, they can grow over pony height. They are still considered to be a German Riding Pony if they do go over pony height. Their background and genetics are of pony height and crossed with right pony mare with the correct genetics they can still produce a fabulous German Riding Pony.


In Germany, there are many over height GRP's that compete successfully and make fantastic mounts for small adults. A fine example of this is the GRP stallion Pearcy Pearson who stands at 152cm and has been very successful at Grand Prix. He actually gained a 5th place in a Grand Prix test that was won by Anky Van Grunsven.

The German Riding Pony
in Australia

The German Riding Pony is now starting to really become known in Australia. The stallion FS Golden Storm by FS Golden Highlight was brought into Australia many years ago, but perhaps he was before his time as far as the pony dressage market was concerned. He was unfortunately gelded and only sired a few foals. 


One of his progeny is the quality mare named Nightwishes who is now a resident broodmare at Narbethong Equestrian Park in Western Australia and has produced some super foals. FS Golden Storm himself has been a successful dressage pony in Australia and it is fantastic to have some blood from FS Golden Highlight in Australia through this mare Nightwishes.  


Don Philino was the first Licensed German Riding Pony to stand at public stud in Australia

and is a son of the famous and influential Dressman I as well as being a highly credentialed stallion. 


In Australia our warmblood breeding has come along way since the importation of the first Warmblood sire Flaneur in 1968. The world’s best Warmblood sires are readily available to the Australian market through the wonders of frozen semen and of course through the importation of many top class stallions and mares. 


The introduction of the GRP breed would give our young riders a fantastic start in their dressage career, given that the GRP has long been bred for international pony competitions. With their athletic ability and dynamic movement, the transition from a pony to a big moving warmblood would also be a much smoother one. The breed was of course developed for children and small adults. Any GRP’s that go over pony height can also provide an excellent mount for small adults and young riders as they do in Germany. 


It took many years for the first importers and breeders of the original warmbloods to fully understand the different traits and characteristics of the bloodlines and the same goes for the German Riding Pony.


So far, the GRP stallions that have been imported into our country are all really top quality with excellent bloodlines and credentials, so for the breed as a whole this is a perfect place to start.  We now have quite a few imported GRP stallions as well as some other European pony stallions.  


The German Riding type is described as a sports pony with a small head, large and lively eyes with small ears, a clean throat latch, a long, well-set neck, pronounced withers and long croup. The movement should be correct, rhythmic, spacious and elastic with distinct impulsion from the hindquarters. The systematic selection of the breed over the first twenty years has led to a pony that is athletic, elegant, intelligent and well disposition. 


As a good example of type for the German Riding Pony, Dynamik Stallion’s Don Philino scored 9.4 for his type in his 30 day stallion test in Germany. His overall 30 day stallion test score (HLP) was 8.77. 

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German Riding Ponies Australia


The definitive Australian resource for imported German Riding Ponies in Australia and GRP's around the world.

German Riding Ponies Australia now has an extensive pedigree database listing of both imported and bred in Australia GRP's and their progeny.

If you have a bred to a Dynamik Stallion please visit the GRP Pedigree Database and submit an application to list your pony or horse. 

Influential Sires

Golden Dancer

FS Daddy Cool

FS Champion de Luxe

Power Boy



This stallion most likely needs little introduction. FS Don’t Worry is considered to be the Donnerhall of the German Riding Ponies being Germany’s top producing sire and the achievements of his progeny are quite extraordinary. 


FS Don’t Worry is owned by the well known german stud, Ferienhof Stuecker and stands at 147cm (14.2hh). He was born in 1995 and his success started with gaining the place of reserve Champion at his licensing for Rhineland and later becoming the champion of his 30 day stallion test in Muenster Hahndorf with an overall score (HLP) of 8.46. 


He was the Champion Riding Pony of Rhineland and the North Rhein Westfalen meetings in both 1998 and 1999. He was the Gold Medal winner of the Bundeschampionate in both 1998 and 1999 and was awarded the highest scores given out with 6 perfect 10's. 


This supersire has a multitude of wins and places in the competition arena in dressage classes up to Inter 1 level. He has wins and places in international pony competitions including a first place at the Saumur International Pony competition with 78.3%. 


In February 2012 this amazing stallion was retired from competition in a special presentation at the stallion show held by the Ferienhof Stucker Stallion Station. This was an emotional farewell but of course a well deserved retirement from sport for the stallion. He has given so much to pony sport, not only through his own success but also through the countless success of his progeny. 


FS Don’t Worry also carries the blood of a top influential GRP sire in Golden Dancer on his dam line and the State Premium Mare FS Golden Sunlight, who herself took out the title of Reserve Federal Champion of 4 year old ponies in 1995. FS Golden Sunlight was also the Champion Pony of Rhineland in 1994 and 1995.


FS Don’t Worry’s blood runs deep as by the time he was 13 years old he had already sired 30 licensed sons and 35 State Premium Mares. As of 2023, he has an amazing 92 licensed sons and 177 State Premium daughters.  He has sired many Bundeschampions and finalists and almost every year appears as the dam sire of Bundeschampionate medallists. The success of his progeny makes it clear that his foals inherit not only his powerful and correct paces but also his very strong rideabilty trait. FS Don’t Worry has over 50 progeny that have competed at FEI pony level which is an amazing achievement as a sire. 


FS Don’t Worry is a very powerful and strong stallion with the most impressively built neck. If you have a mare that is quite sensitive this is not a concern when choosing FS Don’t Worry as a breeding match as he is renowned for stamping his progeny with a very level temperament. He is ideal for sensitive mares that may have lots of power and engagement but may need help to create the perfect combination in power and rideability. 


A few of his successful progeny are : 


  • Mac Diana  -  2002 Reserve Bundeschampionesse 

  • HB Dreamgirl  -  2003 & 2004 Bundeschampionesse  

  • FS Dark Shadow - 2003 3 yo Reserve Bundeschampion

  • Dinarion - 2003 3 yo Bundeschampion

  • FS Dark Magic  -  2002 3 yo Bundeschampionesse & 2003 Reserve Bundeschampionesse 

  • Don't Forget  -  2004 4 yo Bundeschampion & 2005 5 yo Reserve Bundeschampion 

  • HB Daylight  -  2004 3yo Bundeschampion & 2006 5 yo Bundeschampion, 2004 HLP Champion Neustadt (30 day test), 

  • FS Don't Worry Junior  -  2005 3 yo Bundeschampion (Dynamik stallions very own Don Philino took out the silver medal this year), 2006 4 yo Bundeschampion

  • Destination W - 2005 4 yo Bundeschampion 

  • Don't Thatch W - 2005 5 yo Bundeschampion

  • Day of Whisper - 2005 4 yo Reserve Bundeschampion

  • FS Dior de Luxe  -  2005 Reserve Champion Rhineland 

  • HB Golden Girl  -  2005 3 yo Bundeschampioness, 2005 Elite Show Champion Mare, 2008 Silver Medal FEI Pony European Champs, 2009 & 2010 Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals FEI European Pony Champs, 2012 two Gold & Silver Medals FEI European Champs

  • HB Daylight  -  2006 Bundeschampion 

  • Doubtless - 2007 6 yo Bundeschampion

  • FS Daddy's Destiny  -  2008 4 yo Reserve Bundeschampion 

  • Mac Doreen - 2008 3 yo Reserve Bundeschampionesse

  • FS Daddy Cool  -  2009 3 yo Reserve Bundeschampion & 2010 4 yo Bundeschampion

  • Desert Rose - 2009 3 yo Bundeschampionesse

  • Mac Devinja - 2010 3 yo Bundeschampionesse & 2011 4 yo Reserve Bundeschampionesse

  • Day of Diva - 2011 Gold & Bronze Medal FEI Pony European Champs

  • Don Henley - 2012 3 yo Bundeschampion

  • Don Ducky C-Two - Gold Medal 4 yo Dutch Young Pony

  • FS Dorian Gray - 2014 4 yo Reserve Bundeschampion, 2015 5 yo Reserve Bundeschampion

  • FS Daddy's Starlight - 2014 3 yo Reserve Bundeschampion, 2016 5 yo Reserve Bundeschampion

  • FS Diego de La Vega - 2018 5 yo Reserve Bundeschampion


Dynamik Stallions have an imported son of this super stallion in Top Der Da.  He is a perfect example of exceptional rideabilty as he makes a one hundred percent effort under saddle every day. He has super paces and exceptional power in his hindquarters and already is showing an ability to make the FEI Open Dressage grades. Top Der Da is stamping his progeny with his uphill canter and powerful hindquarter. He is a very modern type and elegant type of stallion.

Dynamik Stallions also have a beautiful daughter of FS Don't Worry, Delon Park Dreamcatcher who is out of a mare by the Warmblood stallion Farewell III. Dreamcatcher was assessed Elite herself as a foal in 2016. She is also producing Elite foals herself.

 Status in the ACE assessment tour this year with a fantastic overall score of 80.75%. 



Another exceptional pony sire from the Ferienhof Stuecker Stallion Station is FS Champion de Luxe. Buckskin in colour and standing at 145cm (14.1 ½ hh). Born in 1998 and now a Federal Premium Stallion. 


FS Champion De Luxe was named Champion of the German Riding Pony Stallion Approvals in the year 2000. In 2001 he was Champion of the Stallion Performance Test receiving an amazing maximum score of 10 four times. His overall 30 day stallion test score (HLP) was 8.86. 


He was the unrivalled winner of the NRW meetings in both 2001 and 2002. In 2001 he was Champion of Rhineland. He was Bundeschampion in 2001 and 2002.


At the 2003 FN Federal Stallion Championships, he was named Federal Champion Stallion, Federal Dressage Champion Stallion, and Federal Versatility Champion Stallion. He was undoubtedly the star of the sport ponies at this show. This federal stallion show is held in Berlin, the same show that Dynamik Stallion’s Trussardi became the Reserve Champion of in 2011. 


FS Champion De Luxe stems from excellent bloodlines carrying the blood the blood of two other influential sires in Power Boy and Golden Dancer. He is an impressive package who stamps his foals with his excellent rideability and correct paces. He has produced many exceptional offspring that have been championship winners, gold medallists and high priced auction foals. 


He has sired no less than 100 licensed sons and 116 state premium mares and some of his best known progeny include the following : 


  • FS Dark Surprise  -  2006 Silver Medal Bundeschampion

  • FS Golden Champ  -  2006 Champion Stallion Körung Rhineland, 2010 6 yo Gold Medal Bundeschampion 

  • C-Dur  -  2007 Champion Mare of Weser Ems & 2007 3 yo Bundeschampioness 

  • Cara Mia  -  2007 Bundeschampioness 

  • Casino Royale K  -  2008 3 yo & 2009 4 yo Bundeschampion 

  • Cyrill WE - 2009 3 yo Bundeschampion, 2010 4 yo Reserve Bundeschampion, 2011 5 yo Bronze Medal

  • Chapman - 2009 4 yo Bundeschampion

  • Championess - 2008 3 yo Bundeschampioness & 2009 4 yo Reserve Bundeschampioness

  • Classic Dancer - 2009 6 yo Bundeschampion

  • Champagner de Luxe - 2010 3 yo Reserve Bundeschampion

  • Cosmopolitan D - 2013 4 yo Bundeschampion

  • FS Charly Brown - 2014 6 yo Reserve Bundeschampion

  • Champ of Class - 2010 Gold Medal Dutch Young Pony Champs, 2012 Gold and two Silver, 2013 two Silver & one Bronze, 2014 Silver & Gold - FEI European Pony Champs

Dressage Today is an American Magazine dedicated to the dressage discipline and is a U.S Dressage Federation Education partner.


It is a fantastic magazine available by subscription or in newsagents throughout Australia.


I have decided to include this excellent article on my website that was published in the Dressage Today magazine November 2010 edition.

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