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Dynamik Open Days

2016 Open Day

2014 Open Day

Report written by Penny Lee

Photos courtesy of Loose Cannon Photography


After the original date for the Dynamik Stallions Open Day was cancelled due to an injury sustained by owner Kristy Jarvis, the event was rescheduled and ran on the 30th of November at Dynamik Stallions in Mardella. Kristy welcomed around 150 visitors who attended to view the studs four imported and fully licensed German Riding Pony Stallions; Don Philino WE, Top Der Da, Trussardi D and Golden Rock.


An excellent and very comprehensive commentary informed the audience of the breeding and achievement of the stallions and their offspring, while some exciting and expressive music added to the atmosphere. 


First up, the stallions were shown in-hand by the team from CAMAC Training Services, who are about to move to NSW to join the Stokes Sporthorses team. The impressive liver chestnut Don Philino was presented by Kristy herself. The first stallion she imported into WA, his progeny are already making a name for themselves with their looks, temperament and movement.

There probably was not a dry eye in the house for DP as he’s known, as he had only had eye surgery a few days prior and, despite being only 12 years old, is almost totally blind due to Equine Recurrent Uveitis, a non genetic condition that cannot be passed on to offspring. Kristy clearly found showing him an emotional experience but as ever DP showed complete trust in her as he was lunged in-hand in front of the crowd and conducted himself like a real gentleman. He will continue with his breeding career in the lap of luxury.

The ridden displays gave the stallions the opportunity to show off the full range of their paces. Kristy’s coach, Rachel Brennan, who has herself been coached extensively by the top Grand Prix Olympic rider Martina Hannover-Sternberg in Germany, rode Top Der Da first to show great cadence and ground cover while demonstrating clean changes and spectacular lengthening.


Kristy presented Golden Rock and he satisfied his many fans with his power and expressiveness and it was particularly noticeable how free and loose he was in his shoulder movement. He easily demonstrated why he is the current WA Novice Open Dressage Champion.

Trussardi showed amazing aplomb in the electric atmosphere. Clearly he has a temperament second to none and with Rachel again in the saddle he displayed a tremendous amount of power with an exceptionally strong swinging hind quarter action. As he powered around the indoor arena to a Red Foo soundtrack he seemed to occupy far more space than his modest 14.3 7/8th height.

Everyone loves a cute new foal and the leggy and handsome eight week old, palomino colt by Golden Rock in a front paddock kept everyone amused. As the foal is out of a very attractive Don Philino mare this was a chance to see how both these stallions stamp their progeny.

The day provided lots of variety with food and drink outlets, horse suppliers and saddlers on site plus a massage facility for anyone feeling in need of some TLC.  Dynamik Stallion sponsors Hygain Feeding Champions, Equident Master dentist, All Creatures Healing and Plaiting by Nicole were also represented.

But it really was all about the stallions and anyone looking to breed a smaller package would surely be able to find the perfect match for any mare in this lineup of talent. It was also a bonus to visit the stallions in their stables after the show and to find out that they are a very well mannered group of lads and only too happy to accept some well deserved scratches and pats.

For lots more photos of the Dynamik Stallions 2014 Open Day, please visit our photo gallery page.

While he is now almost totally blind, there is an extra-ordinary bond of trust between DP and Kristy and even with a large crowd, he still obeyed every command he was given with his own inimitable style and grace.

Video is now available of the 2014 Dynamik Stallion Open Day


As the video is quite large, please email Dynamik Stallions and we will mail you a DVD.

2012 Open Day

Credit - Red Foto

On the 9th of June Dynamik Stallions held an Open Day to present their team of  imported German Riding Pony stallions.


This was a great chance for people to view the stallions Top Der Da and Don Philino as well as the more recent arrivals. Trussardi and Golden Rock.


The Open Day was held at the Dynamik Stallion Station in Mardella in Perth.  The vision was to create a stallion show like those held in Europe, a fast paced show with music and excitement to give spectators the opportunity to see the ability of the stallions.


The indoor arena was decked out with seating so that spectators could feel a part of the action. Over 180 attended the open day, not only viewing a display of the four ‘Dynamik boys’, but enjoying displays set up by sponsors of the team.


Dynamik Stallions are sponsored by Hygain and we were delighted to have in attendance, Hygain Manager, Martin Connell. Martin brought a range of feed and nutritional supplements with him so that he could show first hand the quality products available. Visitors to the Hygain stand received a special Hygain show bag. 

Dynamik Stallions are styled and sponsored by JMC Equestrian, an online shop with several unique brands. The Dynamik Team look extremely professional and stylish on the day wearing their fabulous products. JMC Equestrian also had a very popular trade stand.


Sagamore Horses coach the Dynamik Team and had a trade stand displaying their Roosli Saddles. These are handcrafted and customised saddles that are a benchmark for quality in equestrian circles the world over.


It was great to see a crowd from a wide range of equestrian disciplines, including dressage riders, pony club, eventers, breeders and general pony and horse enthusiasts. 


The baby of the stables, Golden Rock who turned 4 years old in March started off the in hand presentation. He has superb conformation and captured the spectators with his ‘Barbie’ looks. He was excited to see everyone and showed off his super knee and hock action, complete with his massive suspension and power.


Trussardi is known as the ‘cool man’ in the Dynamik team and was as always, totally unfazed by the large crowd that had invaded his home arena. Trussardi was delighted to casually stand in front of the crowd and pose during his commentary as he really loves to know that everyone is looking at him.  It was very appropriate to use the song ‘Mr Vain’ to show of his powerful trot in his laps of the arena.


Top Der Da had memories of his licensing in Westphalia come flooding back as he immediately knew that his job was to show off. Showing his superb paces he topped it off by displaying his talent for passage! Many of the dressage people were very impressed with him as they could see the talent this stallion has for dressage.


Don Philino completed the in hand presentations and in true Don Philino style, he was totally unaffected by the crowd and casually showed himself off. Don Philino turned ten in April and he is the whole reason that Dynamik Stallions became a station of four stallions. His amazing temperament combined with his willingness to work and his talent in dressage created my GRP addiction.

The in hand presentation gave spectators the opportunity to hear about the stallion’s performances, successes and gave a great overview of their characters. We really had fun with the music allowing people to sit back and enjoy the presentations.


Our dream team of stallions all did a fantastic job under saddle and I was very proud of them, especially seeing as their home arena was filled with spectators with many children also there to enjoy the show.


I was super happy with Golden Rock’s performance under saddle, after a very brief warm up in my round yard. He entered the arena and very quickly relaxed despite the exciting atmosphere. Riding him myself, I was able to show off his top class paces, his huge suspension and fantastic swing. He performed to Spandau Ballet’s ‘True’ and ‘Gold’ and he indeed is a stallion that is proving to be worth his weight in gold! He has had an amazing career to date and his first crop of foals in Germany are being stamped with his amazing front end and super canter.

My coach Alfred Fitzi rode Trussardi so we could avoid delays in changing riders. Our super cool man Trussardi had a warm up of one trot lap around our stable block before entering the arena and showing off his correct paces and super rhythm. Trussardi loves to perform in front of a crowd and rocked to Robbie Williams ‘Let me entertain you’ and ‘Rock DJ’. 


After a short break with Martin Connell from Hygain Feeds giving a brief speech, Alfred Fitzi presented Top Der Da. Top Der Da really transforms into a small modern warmblood type under saddle and he did a great job of showing off his fantastic paces. Alfred had a fantastic ride on Top Der Da performing to Queen’s ’It’s a kind of magic’ and ’We will rock you’. This little stallion has impressive power in his hindquarter which is now really starting to show in his work. At 6 years old he is competing Elementary and training Medium.  He has started work with piaffe which he finds very easy and I don’t mind saying, he is my secret weapon for the future. He always puts one hundred percent effort into his work every day and I know that his fan club will only increase as he goes up the ranks in dressage as he is also such a loveable and smoochy character.


Last but not least, I presented Don Philino. After only a few minutes warm up my honest little man cantered down from my back track past all the trade and food stands, throwing in a few flying changes for good measure. His performance was outstanding and I had requested my DJ when I entered the arena to crank up my new stereo system as Don Philino performed to Paul Simon’s ‘Call Me Al’ and Survivor’s ‘Eye of the tiger’ for his finale. I was told afterwards that many of the children were impressed with Don Philino’s passage saying ‘look mummy, he’s dancing’. This is what the show was all about. Don Philino competes at Medium and Advanced level and is training FEI.

After the in hand and ridden presentations were completed, people crowded the trade and food stands. We opened the barn doors to let everyone come in and meet the stallions in person and to ask questions. The boys were delighted with their pats and to be the centre of attention. It was a great opportunity for everyone to see how good their temperaments are. Don Philino stood in the middle of the breeze way surrounded by one of his favourite things, children!


Mundella foods supplied us with over one hundred of their award winning yogurts and there were children playing all over the Dynamik grounds with yoghurt smiles and cupcake icing stains on their faces from the amazing cupcakes made by Katlin Hull.

The cupcakes had pictures of the stallion’s heads on them and people were walking around carrying their mare’s ‘future husband’ on a cupcake.


The day was very fast paced and grooms Kylie Waddell and Matthew Daly worked very hard and with amazing speed to get all the stallions prepared on time for their presentations.


We have received a huge amount of feedback from the open day with everyone extremely positive and totally enjoying the event. Many children were inspired by the presentations and really, that is what it is all about as they are our future equestrian stars.


We have plans to hold open training days in the near future, which will be on a smaller scale but will give people the opportunity to experience the stallions in their normal training routine at home. My coach Alfred Fitzi from Sagamore Horses will be instructing me and the boys which will give a great insight on how we work and develop our stallions in their daily training. More information will appear on the Dynamik Stallions website and Facebook page soon. 


Finally, a huge thank you to everyone that supported our show.

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