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Eurodressage article

Golden West receives NRW status and moves to Australia

Eurodressage article Westi.jpg

What is Progressive Motility?

Read this informative article from Select Breeders Services

Select Breeders Services.jpg

Manolo Mendez - Training for Wellness, A clinic with the Dynamik Stallions.  Check out our very informative e-magazine on our recent clinic with Manolo.

More success for Dynamik Stallions with two Westfalen Champions

Top Tips to prepare your horse or pony for a competition

Excercises to calm the hot horse

Developing your horse's topline

Read about the Westphalian Licensing of Golden Rock and Trussardi D in

February, 2014

Read about Dynamik Stallions as

featured in EQ Life Magazine, 2013

Dynamik Stallions trip to Germany, 2013

Dynamik Stallions Dream Team, 2012

Hat-trick for Golden Rock and continued success for Trussardi, 2011

Trussardi and Golden Rock now in Australia, 2011

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