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Golden West NRW

Performance results and progeny

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Results & Progeny

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In May, 2019 Golden West NRW was awarded an Elite Breeding Crown title by the Australian Sports Pony Registry Inc.

The Breeding Crown titles were introduced to recognise stallions and mares who have consistently produced progeny to a high standard.  

Golden West progeny

Golden West now has 21 licensed sons and 13 State Premium/Verband Premium daughters in Germany : 

  • Mystique Golden Fire - Licensed Schleswig Holstein/Hamburg 2021 (Breeder ZG Engel/Kruse)

  • Gin Fizz F (full brother to Golden Daim F)  -  Licensed Rheinland 2020 (Breeder Claudi Fleurkins)

  • Grundleinshof Gipfelsturmer - 2nd Reserve Champion Westfalen Licensed 2020 (Breeder Gestut Grundleinshof)

  • Gold Gelb - Licensed Pony Hannover 2020 (Breeder Franz-Josef Kalde)

  • Golden Nugget - Licensed Pony Hannover 2020 (Breeder Marieke Teeken)

  • Gomez S - Licensed Pony Hannover 2020 (Breeder Reitpony Strate)

  • Gabriel Van Helsing - Licensed Pony Hannover 2020 (Breeder Sabine Meyer)

  • Petit Golden Glory - Premium Licensed Holstein 2020 (Breeder Petit Reitponys)

  • Genesis B - Champion Premium Licensed Hannover 2019 (Breeder Inga Bulle)

  • Gluckskind WE - Premium Licensed Weser Ems 2019 (Breeder Andreas Wempe)

  • Golden Daim F - Licensed Rheinland 2019 (Breeder Claudi Fleurkins)

  • Goldjunge - Licensed Ponyforum 2019 (Breeder Stallion Station Rohmann)

  • Melli's Gluckskeks - Licensed Hannover 2019 (Breeder Melanie Schierholz)

  • Golden Prince WE - Licensed Hessen Pony 2019 (Breeder Hermann Jaspers)

  • Global Champion WE - Premium Licensed & 2nd Reserve Champion Weser Ems 2018 (Breeder Simone Visser)

  • Gallenger - Licensed Pony Hannover 2018 (Breeder Annette Lembeck-Hebling)

  • Gabalier - Champion Premium Licensed Westfalen 2018 (Breeder Stallion Station Rohmann)

  • Golden Unicorn - Licensed Schwelsig Holstein 2018 (Breeder Markus Paasch)

  • Genscher - Champion Premium Licensed ZfdP 2017 (Breeder Werner Berensmeyer)

  • Golden Soul - Premium Licensed Westphalia 2017 (Breeder Stallion Station Rohmann)

  • Golden Goal - Licensed Hannover 2017 (Breeder Reinhold van Der Sande)

9 Golden West NRW sons have completed their licensing : 


  • Global Champion WE – out of Perfect Match WE x Power & Paint completed licensing 2019 and gained a HLP score of 8.70.  Bred by Simone Visser

  • Genscher 4 – out of Desiree x Domingo won his overall 30 day stallion test gaining a HLP score of 8.55.  Bred by Werner Berensmeyer.

  • Gabalier 5 – out of Little Lady x Lateran completed licensing 2020 with HLP score of 8.53.  Bred by Heiner Rohmann.

  • Golden Daim F - out of Coco la Fleur x FS Coco Jambo won his overall 30 day stallion test with HLP score of 8.33.  Bred by ZG Fleurkens.

  • Genesis B - out of Gitana B x FS Don't Worry gained a HLP score of 8.30 with a Silver Medal at the 2021 Bundeschampionate.

  • Melli's Gluckskeks - out of Melli's Janomi x Golden Dancer completed licensing 2021 with HLP score of 7.66.

  • Golden Nugget - out of Nadona x Nabucco R completed licensing 2022 with HLP score of 8.13.

  • Mystique Golden Fire - out of Deja-Vue x Duktus completed licensing 2022 with HLP score of 7.21.

  • Gin Fizz F - out of Coco La Fleur x FS Coco Jambo gained HLP score of 7.9 from 30 day stallion test, 2022.

Golden West Progeny

Winning Gold for the 5 yo Dressage Ponies at the 2023 Bundeschampionate is DSP Gründleinshofs Gipfelstürmer (x Golden West x Gründleinshofs San Royal).  The palomino stallion has now won the Gold as a 3, 4 and 5 yo. Ridden by Carolina Meisner, he scored an excellent 9.5 for his trot and 9.0 for canter.  Congratulations to his breeder Cordula Kaus and owner Anneke Behr.

Grundleinshofs Gipfelsturmer comp.jpg

Golden West Progeny

Great news from the USA with the Golden West son Goldjunge winning the Dressage at Devon Grand Champion Pony Award. 


The 6 yo palomino stallion was bred by Heiner Rohmann, Germany and is owned by Heidi Humphrey.


2023 ACE Assessment Tour

Congratulations to the breeders and owners of Dynamik Stallions progeny who participated in the recent ACE Group Assessment Tour.

Golden West NRW (x HET Golden Dream x FS Golden Moonlight) sired 4 Elite and 1 Premium progeny bringing the total of his Australian bred Elite progeny to 8 and 2 Premium progeny over 2 Assessment Tours.

Golden West progeny

The NRPS licensed stallion Geronimo Taonga recently won the Gold Medal for 4 yo Dressage Ponies at the 2023 NAF Dressage Talent event in the Netherlands.  He is by Golden West NRW and out of an FS Don't Worry mare.  The palomino stallion was Reserve Champion of his NRPS licensing in 2022. He was bred by Willeke Bos and is owned by Pronk Stables.

Geronimo Taonga 1.jpg

Golden West progeny

From France, the GRP gelding Get Lucky Von Cuxhaven qualified in the top spot out of 123 horses and ponies for First Year 4 yo's with the Société Française d'Equitation (French Equestrian Society).  The palomino gelding placed 6th in the qualifier out of 30 and then a good 8th in the Final.  He is out of an FS Don't Worry mare and was bred and is competed by Elodie Flrnt.

Get Lucky von Cuxhaven.jpg

Golden West progeny

Congratulations to the cremello Westfalen stallion Golden Daim F on winning his 30 day performance test and gaining a HLP score of 8.33. Golden Daim F is out of a mare by FS Coco Jambo and was bred by ZG Fleurkens.  He is the fourth son of Golden West to be fully licensed in Germany.

Golden Daim F.jpg

2022 Bundeschampionate

Super results for Dynamik Stallions at the 2022 Bundeschampionate with progeny of Golden West NRW taking out two Gold Medals.


Winning Gold for the 4 yo palomino Riding Pony Stallion is DSP Gründleinshofs Gipfelstürmer (x Golden West x Gründleinshofs San Royal) making it back to back wins after winning Gold as a 3 yo stallion. Ridden by Danica Duen, he scored an excellent 9.0 including 10 for his trot.  Congratulations to his breeder Cordula Kaus and owner Anneke Behr.


Gold for the 5 yo Dressage Pony went to Melli’s Glückskeks (x Golden West x Golden Dancer) with an excellent score of 8.9, including 9.5 for trot and ridden by Carolina Miesner.  Congratulations to breeder Melanie Schierholz and owner Melanie Petermeier.


Golden West sons and daughters have now amassed 5 Gold, 2 Silver and 3 Bronze dressage medals since his first progeny competed in 2018.

2022 ACE Group Assessment Tour

Dynamik Stallions congratulates the breeders and owners who participated in the recent ACE Group Assessment Tour with international breed judge Mr Frank Weisskirchen.

Golden West NRW (x HET Golden Dream x FS Golden Moonlight) sired 4 Elite and 1 Premium progeny.  Gaining the highest score for a pony foal was Skyline Park Caramilk with 83%.  The palomino colt is out of the Hilkens Black Delight mare Heidi and was bred by Despina Mitrakas

Also gaining an Elite score was the palomino filly SS Golden Diva with 82.25% .  Bred by Siri Spranz, she is out of the warmblood mare SS Royal Diva who is by Royal Classic and was the highest scoring filly of the tour for W.A.

The palomino filly AJM Golden Song scored Elite with 81.5%.  She was bred by Alysha Massuger and is out of a warmblood cross mare by Showdown (x Sandro Hit).

Ruth Thompson of Chaleur Park gained an Elite assessment of 80.5% with her buckskin filly CP Golden Girl who is out of the Riding Pony mare Sanlirra Witchcraft (x Vale Park Spotlight).  This filly is Witchcrafts third Elite foal with the two other Elites sired by Golden Rock.

The palomino colt Niall Park Westeros scored 80% and is out of a warmblood mare by Bluefields Roseglanz.  He was bred by Sharyn Niall.

Scoring a Premium assessment with 78% was Windy Hill Gold Star.  The buckskin colt was bred by Rachel De Mamiel and is out of a warmblood mare by WP Sinatra (x Salute).

Westi - Golden Song.jpg

AJM Golden Song - Cr Vickis hotos

Westi - Westeros.jpg

Niall Park Westeros

Cr Vicki's Photos

Golden West NRW

Golden West has completed 2021 in the Number 1 spot for Dressage and Young Pony progeny results with the German National Federation (FN) and continues to move up the overall rankings for all disciplines finishing in 11th place out of a total of 916 GRP stallions.  This is a great testament to his ability to pass on his amazing talent to his progeny.


Golden West has 21 licensed sons and 11 State Premium/Verband Premium daughters in Germany.

Westi 2021 b comp.jpg

Golden West progeny 

Congratulations to Genscher (x Golden West x Domingo) on winning the overall 30 day stallion performance test at Munster.

With a final score of 8.55, he became the undisputed overall winner.  His conformation scored 9.0, trot 8.5, canter 9.25, walk 7.5, rideability 8.7, jumping ability 8.0 and terrain 9.0.

Genscher was the Champion Premium Licensed for ZfdP in 2017.  He is owned by Jill Mielezko-Vekens and was bred by Werner Berensmeyer.

2021 Bundeschampionate

Fantastic results from Golden West NRW who is the sire of the Gold Medallist Bundeschampion 3 yo stallions, Gründleinshofs Gipfelstürmer. Congratulations to Danica Duen for being awarded a score of 10 for the trot and canter with an overall score of 9 for this spectacular moving palomino stallion. Congratulations to his breeder Cordula Kaus and his owner Anneke Behr.  

Photo credit Julia Packeiser.

Gold Gelb was awarded 5th place in the finals of the 3 yo stallions for the with a score of 8.4 and was ridden by Jessica Suss. This super stallion with excellent swing and rideability stands at Hengststation Rohmann. Congratulations to his owner Jasmin Schulte- Ortbeck and his breeder Franz- Joseph Kaide.  


Gluckskind WE was awarded 4th place in the finals of the 4 yo mares and geldings class with an overall score of 8.5. He has a super character and rideability and a bright future. Congratulations to his rider Maren Tapke-Jost and to his breeder and owner Andreas Wempe. 


Genesis BL was awarded the Silver Medal for the 5 yo Dressage Ponies Final with a score of 8.3.  Congratulations to his young rider Lena Bucker and to his breeder and owner Inga Buller. This young stallion has excellent swing and expressive paces.  

Golden Girl’s Nelly was awarded the Silver Medal in the final for the 5 and 6 yo Eventing Ponies and was ridden by young rider Sina Brugger with a total score of 342, just one mark behind the winner. This mare has a wonderful rideability and paces, congratulations to her owner and breeder Cornelia Brugger. 

Gipfelsturmer 2.jpg
Golden Girls Nelly.jpg

Golden West progeny

Following the first round of the Bundeschampionate in Germany, the following progeny of Golden West NRW will progress to the final.


Gründleinhof's Gipfelstürmer was the champion of the first round for the 3-year-old pony dressage stallions With a score of 10 for both trot and canter and a final score of 9 he is out of a mare by Gründleinhof's San Royal (x San Rubin). Photo by Julia Packeiser)  

Genesis BL was awarded 2nd place in the 5-year-old Dressage Pony class scoring a 9 for his walk and a total of 8.5. He is out of an FS Don't Worry mare.

Golden Girl’s Nelly goes through to the finals of the 5 and 6 cross country ponies in 4th place with a score of 8. She is out of a mare by Nabucco R.

Glückskind WE was awarded 4th place with a score of 8.5 in the 4 year old mares and geldings class. He is out of a mare by Hilkens Black Delight.


Gold Gelb was awarded 5th place with a score of 8.3 in the 4 year old stallion class. He is out of a mare by Halifax. 


Golden West Progeny

Gold Gelb, the licensed son by Golden West was awarded Vice Champion of the 3 year old stallions at the Westfalen Championships 2021 with an score of 8.45 and is now qualified for the Bundeschampionate. This stallion was ridden by Jessica Süss and stands at Hengstation Rohmann. Congratulations to his owner Jasmine Schulte-Ortbeck and his breeder Franz Josef Kaide. 

Other Golden West progeny to qualify for the upcoming Bundeschampionate are Gold Gelb winning his 3 yo qualifier on 8.1 at Munster-Handorf. The licensed palomino stallion was bred by Franz-Josef Kalde.  Placing 2nd with 8.0 was the licensed palomino stallion Gomez S. He was bred by Tobias Strate. 

Gold Gelb.jpg

In the 5 yo qualifier, the Premium Licensed stallion Genesis BL scored a super 8.6 to win the class. The palomino stallion was bred by Inga Bulle.  The cremello stallion Golden Daim F took out 2nd place with 8.2 and he was bred by ZG Fleurkens. 

In the 6 yo qualifier, the buckskin mare HBS Golden Mylight NRW scored an amazing 8.8.  Golden Mylight was bred by Jil-Marielle Becks and was the 3 yo

Bundeschampionate Gold Medallist in 2018. 

Golden West Progeny

At the Hanoverian Championships held in Verden, the 4 yo palomino son of Golden West, Melli's Gluckskeks (pic) was awarded Champion with a score of 8.3. Out of a Golden Dancer mare, he was bred by Melanie Schierholz. 

In more news from Germany, Golden West has now sired 6 State Premium daughters with Miss Money Penny winning her mare performance test with a dream score of 9.25 against 17 warmblood mares, including two scores of 10 and gaining her State Premium title. 


Congratulations to her breeder Sabine Meyer. Her dam is the Elite mare Minza (x Day of Whisper x Nancho Nova).

Melli's Gluckskeks.jpg

Golden West Progeny

Golden West now has 5 State Premium daughters in Germany with Söl'rings Chilaili recently awarded Champion German Riding Pony Mare of the Elite Mare show at Padenstedt  on the 3rd July 2021. This wonderful mare has now completed the requirements for a State Premium Title for Pferdestammbuch Schleswig- Holstein. Congratulations to Günter Schurek.

Sol'rings Chilaili.jpg

Golden West progeny

Our amazing stallion Golden West NRW now has 21 licensed sons in Germany, along with 4 State Premium and 2 Verband Premium daughters.

Pictured is the recently licensed stallion Gin Fizz out of a mare by Principal Boy.

Breeders in Australia can breed their own super Golden West baby as he is now permanently living at Dynamik Stallions.  Chilled semen will be available from 11th October, 2021 and frozen is available at any time.  

More information on our Breeding Page here

Gin Fizz 2.jpg

Golden West progeny

Following the Rheinland licensing, Golden West now has 18 licensed sons in Germany with the successful licensing of the as yet unnamed buckskin stallion who is a full brother to the 2019 licensed Golden Daim F, both stallions bred by Claudi Fleurkins.

Westi licensed son full brother to Golde
Westi licensed son full brother to Golde

Golden West NRW

Winning 1st place in his Medium Pony test at the SRD Spring Gala weekend.

Credit InMotion Photography

Westi 2020 1 comp.jpg

Golden West progeny at the 2020 Bundeschampionate

Topping out the sire results for progeny that made the finals at the 2020 Bundeschampionate is Hesselteich’s Golden Dream represented by 7 young ponies. Two of his progeny won Gold and two won Silver.

Australian based Golden West NRW (x Hesselteich's Golden Dream) had 5 progeny make the finals with two Bronze medals. Golden West himself won Gold as a 3 and 4 yo and Silver as a 6 yo.

Golden West progeny

Progeny of Golden West achieved great success at the recent Westfalen Week with HBS Golden Mylight NRW taking out the Reserve Championship for 5 yo Dressage Ponies.  Golden Mylight was the 4 yo Gold Medal Bundeschampionate winner as a 3 yo and Bronze as a 4 yo.  The buckskin mare is out of a mare by Bavarottie.


Golden Showmann won 2nd Reserve in the 3yo mare/gelding Championship and has also now qualified for the Bundeschampionate.  The palomino gelding is out of a mare by Noir de Luxe.


Also qualifying for the Bundeschampionate at Westfalen Week is the 4 yo buckskin gelding RSB Golden Schorschi who is out of a mare by the Dutch Riding Pony stallion Vitano.

Golden West progeny at the 2019 Bundeschampionate

- Gluckskeks (x Golden West NRW x FS Champion de Luxe) awarded the Gold Medal for 3 yo Pony Mares & Geldings. Final score 8.5 (8.5 Trot, 8.5 Canter, 9.0 Walk, 8.0 Conformation, 8.5 Rideability). 

- Genesis B (x Golden West NRW X FS Don't Worry) awarded the Silver Medal for 3 yo Pony Stallions. Final score 9.1 (Trot 10, Canter 9.5, Walk 8.5, Conformation 9.0, Rideability 8.5). Congratulations to Inga & Harwig Bulle and rider Stella Charlott Roth.

- HBS Golden Mylight NRW  (x Golden West x Bavarottie) awarded the Bronze Medal for 4 yo Mares & Geldings.  Final score 8.4 (Trot 9.5, Canter 8.5, Walk 7.5, Conformation 8.5, Rideability 8.0).  Congratulations to breeder and rider Jil-Mariele Becks.

Video on Golden West's video page here . . .

Westi profile black.jpg

Dynamik Stallions

Dynamik Stallions is very excited to announce that Golden West NRW is coming to Australia!


This Elite stallion is the first GRP stallion residing outside of Germany to be awarded the prestigious NRW title by the Westfalen Verband for the outstanding progeny he has produced.

Golden West NRW will be available to Australian breeders for the 2019/2020 breeding season via chilled and frozen semen.

He will be the sixth top quality GRP stallion to be imported to Australia by the Dynamik Stallions team

Westi prog 1 Golden Mylight NRW.jpg

Golden West NRW progeny

HBS Golden Mylight NRW (x Golden West NRW x Bavarottie) wins the Gold Medal for 3 yo Riding Pony mares at the 2018 Bundeschampionate.

Photo credit Pony-Royal


Gabalier 1.jpg

Golden West NRW progeny

Gabalier, 2018 Licensing Champion Premium, Westphalia

Owned by H Rohmann

Westi prog Golden Soul 2.jpg

Golden West NRW progeny

Golden Soul, Premium licensed stallion, Westphalia 2017

Owned by H Rohmann

Golden West NRW progeny

For the 2019 Breeding Season, three sons by Golden West from his second crop of foals in Germany were presented for licensing with all 3 being licensed.


Golden Unicorn and Global Champion were licensed with Global Champion Reserve Champion for Weser Ems.


Golden West now has a total of 7 licensed sons and 5 State Premium Mare daughters achieved from only 2 foal crops in Germany.

Golden West 20.jpg

Golden West


Golden West has completed his first season of competition in the USA.  He is National Dressage Pony champion at Training Level (A level), First Level (L level), Third Level (M level) and Fourth Level (S level).  His average score at First Level is 74.825% and his average score at Third Level is 74.545%

Westi prog Genscher 1.jpg

Golden West NRW progeny

Genscher, 2017 Licensing Champion, Westphalia

Owned by Jill Mieleszko

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