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In May, 2019 Golden West NRW was awarded an Elite Breeding Crown title by the Australian Sports Pony Registry Inc.

The Breeding Crown titles were introduced to recognise stallions and mares who have consistently produced progeny to a high standard.  

Read more about the ASPR Breeding Crowns here . . . 

Golden West progeny at the 2019 Bundeschampionate

- Gluckskeks (x Golden West NRW x FS Champion de Luxe) awarded the Gold Medal for 3 yo Pony Mares & Geldings. Final score 8.5 (8.5 Trot, 8.5 Canter, 9.0 Walk, 8.0 Conformation, 8.5 Rideability). 

- Genesis B (x Golden West NRW X FS Don't Worry) awarded the Silver Medal for 3 yo Pony Stallions. Final score 9.1 (Trot 10, Canter 9.5, Walk 8.5, Conformation 9.0, Rideability 8.5). Congratulations to Inga & Harwig Bulle and rider Stella Charlott Roth.

- HBS Golden Mylight NRW  (x Golden West x Bavarottie) awarded the Bronze Medal for 4 yo Mares & Geldings.  Final score 8.4 (Trot 9.5, Canter 8.5, Walk 7.5, Conformation 8.5, Rideability 8.0).  Congratulations to breeder and rider Jil-Mariele Becks.

Video on Golden West's video page here . . .

Golden West progeny

Golden West now has 12 licensed sons and 5 State Premium daughters in Germany.

  • Petit Golden Glory - Premium Licensed Holstein 2020 (Breeder Petit Reitponys)

  • Genesis B - Champion Premium Licensed Hannover 2019 (Breeder Inga Bulle)

  • Gluckskind WE - Premium Licensed Weser Ems 2019 (Breeder Andreas Wempe)

  • Golden Daim F - Licensed Rheinland 2019 (Breeder Claudi Fleurkins)

  • Goldjunge - Licensed Ponyforum 2019 (Breeder Stallion Station Rohmann)

  • Melli's Gluckskeks - Licensed Hannover 2019 (Breeder Melanie Schierholz)

  • Global Champion WE - Premium Licensed & 2nd Reserve Champion Weser Ems 2018 (Breeder Simone Visser)

    • HLP Champion 8.7​

  • Gabalier - Champion Premium Licensed Westfalen 2018 (Breeder Stallion Station Rohmann)

  • Golden Unicorn - Licensed Schwelsig Holstein 2018 (Breeder Markus Paasch)

  • Genscher - Champion Premium Licensed ZfdP 2017 (Breeder Werner Berensmeyer)

  • Golden Soul - Premium Licensed Westphalia 2017 (Breeder Stallion Station Rohmann)

  • Golden Goal - Licensed Hannover 2017 (Breeder Reinhold van Der Sande)

Dynamik Stallions

Dynamik Stallions is very excited to announce that Golden West NRW is coming to Australia!


This Elite stallion is the first GRP stallion residing outside of Germany to be awarded the prestigious NRW title by the Westfalen Verband for the outstanding progeny he has produced.

Golden West NRW will be available to Australian breeders for the 2019/2020 breeding season via chilled and frozen semen.

He will be the sixth top quality GRP stallion to be imported to Australia by the Dynamik Stallions team

Golden West NRW progeny

HBS Golden Mylight NRW (x Golden West NRW x Bavarottie) wins the Gold Medal for 3 yo Riding Pony mares at the 2018 Bundeschampionate.

Photo credit Pony-Royal


Gabalier 1.jpg

Golden West NRW progeny

Gabalier, 2018 Licensing Champion Premium, Westphalia

Owned by H Rohmann

Golden West NRW progeny

Golden Soul, Premium licensed stallion, Westphalia 2017

Owned by H Rohmann

Golden West NRW progeny

For the 2019 Breeding Season, three sons by Golden West from his second crop of foals in Germany were presented for licensing with all 3 being licensed.


Golden Unicorn and Global Champion were licensed with Global Champion Reserve Champion for Weser Ems.


Golden West now has a total of 7 licensed sons and 5 State Premium Mare daughters achieved from only 2 foal crops in Germany.

Golden West


Golden West has completed his first season of competition in the USA.  He is National Dressage Pony champion at Training Level (A level), First Level (L level), Third Level (M level) and Fourth Level (S level).  His average score at First Level is 74.825% and his average score at Third Level is 74.545%

Westi prog Genscher 1.jpg

Golden West NRW progeny

Genscher, 2017 Licensing Champion, Westphalia

Owned by Jill Mieleszko

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